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Make Sure You Meet The Requirements

1. Transcript from law school with evidence of graduation (do not send diploma) and law school certification form. Your final and complete transcript from law school should indicate that you were awarded your J.D. and on what date. This will satisfy the evidence of graduation requirement. If you are a recent graduate, the Board understands that your final transcript might not be available by the filing deadline. It may be added to your file at a later date but must be received prior to the administration of the bar exam. The transcript must be sent to the Board's office directly from the law school or university registrar. The law school certification form must be sent directly to the Board's office from the law school. Student or Xerox copies are not acceptable.

2. Three character and fitness statements from attorneys in good standing in any jurisdiction in the United States. With this packet there are three character and fitness statement forms. You should request three attorneys that know you to complete these forms. These attorneys should be in addition to those persons listed in the body of the application, specifically in Questions 5, 6, 26 and 27. Law school professors may complete these forms provided they are attorneys in good standing in any jurisdiction in the United States. Among other things, good standing means active membership in a state bar. You may collect these forms and include them with your application or have them forwarded directly to the office. In either case, they must be originals and current. Submission of these forms will satisfy the requirement for three letters of recommendation required by the rules.

3. FBI Identification and NM State Criminal Records. Please call 505-271-9706 or email for current information and instructions for obtaining these records. As of November 5, 2013, the NM Department of Public Safety is no longer processing fingerprint cards for state bar licensure.

4. Three signed and notarized copies of the Authorization and Release Form for the National Conference of Bar Examiners. These are in addition to the authorization for the New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners attached to the application.

5. Statistical Data Sheet attached to the application.

6. A credit report with credit score from one of the three major credit reporting agencies printed within 30 days of submission of your application for admission. This credit report MUST be included with your application. See, Rule 15-104C(2). A free credit report is available once every twelve months on

7. Application form. One copy signed and notarized. Please take the time to make a copy for your records.

8. All forms must be submitted in hard copy form.

9. Passing Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination Score (MPRE). As of September 1, 2011, you must have a scaled score of 80 or better on the MPRE to satisfy this requirement. If you took this exam previously for another jurisdiction, you may have that score certified here. A passing scaled score of 80 or above achieved no more than five (5) years before filing a first application for admission in New Mexico will be accepted. This board does not administer that exam and you may take it in any location/state it is offered. To certify a score or register for the MPRE, please go to

10. Laptop Release of Liability Form. You must submit a release of liability form to use your laptop to write the exam. Please include it with your other application forms. However, if you change your mind and choose not take the exam on laptop, submitting the form does not commit you to registering for the software.

11. Applicable filing fee in the form of a personal or business check, money order, or certified check payable to the NM Board of Bar Examiners. The Board does not accept cash payments. You may pay by credit card. Please complete the credit card authorization form on the forms page.

12. Test Accommodation Request. Please see instructions for accommodation requests.

13. Applications must be mailed or delivered to
        The NM Board of Bar Examiners
        9420 Indian School Road NE
        Albuquerque, NM 87112
There is a mail drop in the office door, so you can drop off your application at any time.


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