The Board of Bar Examiners manages reinstatement applications for members of the New Mexico bar who have been inactive for more than one year, whether inactive status was voluntary or the result of administrative suspension. Please note: Under Rule 15-302 NMRA, an attorney who has been on inactive status for less than one year need not apply through the Board of Bar Examiners for reinstatement. Instead, contact the State Bar.

State Bar Dues and MCLE Deficits: Your application will be rejected if you owe State Bar dues or are non-compliant with NM MCLE. Each applicant for reinstatement must verify his or her status with each prior to submitting his or her application for reinstatement. See contact information to the right.

The Board makes every effort to process reinstatement applications in a timely fashion.  However, there is no “expedited” process for these applications.  Please plan accordingly, especially if an employment opportunity depends on your reinstatement to active status.

Process and Forms

Please read the Rules Governing Admission [link] Rule 15-302(B)-(C) NMRA and Reinstatement Application Instructions [pdf] before beginning your application. 

The following items must be submitted in a single reinstatement application packet: 

  1. Reinstatement Checklist/Cover Sheet [pdf]
  2. $350 or $550 Application Fee (paid by check/money order or Credit Card Authorization Form [pdf])
  3. Character and Fitness Application [link] – log in to NCBE website, select Character and Fitness, Application to New Mexico, Limited License (this is also the application for reinstatements).
  4. Statement of Social Security Number [pdf]
  5. NMBBE Authorization and Release Form [pdf]
  6. Certificate(s) of Good Standing and Statement(s) of Discipline from any state in which you are or have ever been licensed
  7. Current credit report [link]

Please keep copies of all documents that you submit to our office. To receive a copy of your submitted materials, you must request a copy of your file [link].

The following items must be requested by the applicant and sent directly to the NMBBE by the issuing entity:

Unable to fill in PDFs on your computer? Download the latest version of Adobe Reader here [link].

All application materials must be mailed to:
New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners
20 First Plaza Center NW, Suite 710
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Once you have been reinstated to active status, you are expected to complete all the MCLE requirements for that calendar year. The MCLE requirements are not pro-rated or waived, even if there is only one month left in the year. For more information about your MCLE requirements, please contact NM MCLE at (505) 821-1980.

Verifying State Bar Dues

To verify that you are current on your State Bar of New Mexico dues, call (505) 797-6000.

Verifying NM MCLE Obligations

To verify that you are current on your New Mexico MCLE obligations, call (505) 797-6054 or log in to your account on the MCLE website [link].