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What documents must I submit to meet the filing deadlines?

The filing fee may be paid by check or money order made payable to the "NM Board of Bar Examiners". You may pay by credit card as well. Please complete the Credit Card Authorization Form on the Application Forms page and submit it with your application. You may hand deliver or mail your application to: NM Board of Bar Examiners, 9420 Indian School Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112. There is a mail slot in the office door and you may drop off the application anytime.

To meet the timely and late filing deadlines you must submit (all forms are on the web site):

  1. One copy of the application (questions 26 & 27 are applicable to all applicants)
  2. The release forms for the National Conference of Bar Examiners and NM Board of Bar Examiners
  3. Statistical data sheet
  4. Laptop release of liability form if you think you will use your laptop to write the exam. Submitting this form does NOT require you to register for the software but will get you in the database to register if you choose to do so.
  5. Filing fee: $500 if you have been out of law school for less than one year from your date of graduation and $1,000 if you have been out of law school for more than one year.
  6. Your credit report printed within 30 days of submitting the application.
  7. Please include your permanent email address in the application.

To take the exam all of the above must be in your file and:

  1. The three character and fitness forms - these should be references other than those used in questions 26 and 27 and may not be relatives.
  2. Your NCBE number. You may sign up for that at any time at Remember to indicate that you will be taking the New Mexico bar exam along with your examination date.
  3. Final and complete law school transcript with date of graduation and the law school certification form.

To be admitted all of the above and:

  1. An MPRE scaled score of 80 or better achieved within 5 years of filing a first application for admission in New Mexico. Scores from past exams not reported to New Mexico may be certified through Score Services on
  2. Your FBI criminal identification report. Please call or email for instructions.

Where is the exam given?
The exam is given in Albuquerque, NM.

How long is the exam?
The exam is administered over a two-day period. The first day, Tuesday, consists of 6 thirty-minute essays in the morning and 2 ninety-minute Multistate Performance Test questions in the afternoon. The Multistate Bar Examination is administered on Wednesday.

Does NM have provisions for admission by motion, reciprocity or waiver?
Not at this time. All applicants, regardless of number of years of practice or number of bar exams taken, are required to take the entire bar exam, both the essay and Multistate exams. However, on June 1, 2015 qualified attorneys may be admitted via reciprocal admission on motion. Please go to our "Admission on Motion" link on this website for further information.

Will you accept my Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam score that I used for another state?
Yes, provided that it was a scaled score of 80 or better achieved within 5 years of your first application for admission in New Mexico. The 5 year requirement is effective with the July 2014 bar exam. Please go to for directions on how to get your score certified here.

Can I have file documents (i.e. transcripts, references) sent to your office before I submit my application?
Yes. We have a filing system for these documents and will add them to your file after we receive your application. However, we only will keep them for a period of one year from the date of receipt.

What if I can't take the exam for which I applied?
You may notify the Board in writing that you are unable to take the exam and wish to defer to a future exam. Please note, however, that although your filing fee will be credited to the future exam, no portion of the fee is refundable. You may defer one time at no additional charge. After the first deferral and reapplication, each reapplication after subsequent deferrals will be assessed the full applicable filing fee.

How late can I file my late application?
The Board does accept late applications. Please see Rule 15-105A for the schedule of late fees and deadlines.

Do you accept Multistate scores from a previous or concurrent bar exam?
This Board will accept a Multistate score from a concurrent bar exam in another jurisdiction provided that the sending jurisdiction agrees to forward your Multistate score to New Mexico upon receipt of the score from ACT so that the New Mexico results are not delayed. This Board does not accept a score from a previously administered bar exam, regardless of the score achieved.

Is it possible to see copies of previous exams?
Yes. Below there are links to pdf files of previous exams. If you need a pdf reader, go to

For additional exams with answers as well as answers to the above exams, go to digitized bar exams and answers. When you get to the page, you will get a message box about a certificate. Just click through it. Once you have gotten past that, you will see a request to provide subscriber information. You do not have to subscribe or provide any subscriber information. The exams are listed in the column to the right. Click the exam you are interested in and you will then get the list of questions and answers. Click to the right of each to open your selection. Please note that these are large files and may take a few minutes to open. If you have not already done so, you should download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

When will I receive acknowledgment that my application has been accepted by the Board?
After the timely filing deadline, it takes at least two months to review the applications. Late applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. When the review is complete, an acknowledgment letter is sent to each applicant along with information on the exam. Please note that it is the policy of this Board to allow all applicants who meet the minimum requirements to take the exam. If there are any character and fitness issues, those are dealt with as part of the admission process. A character and fitness determination is not a prerequisite for taking the exam.

When are the exam results posted and sent?
There is no specific date for the release of exam results. For the February exam, they are usually available by mid-April and for the July exam, mid- September. When the lists are ready, they are sent to the NM Supreme Court for its approval and, on that day, they are mailed to the applicants and posted on the Boards web site, if possible. Please do not call the office asking when the results will be available. No dates will be given over the phone and the interruptions only delay the compilation of the reports, lists and letters.

May I take the written portion of the exam on my laptop computer?
Yes. You may write the MPT's and essays on your laptop. You must register with ExamSoft and download its software. There is a separate fee for registering with ExamSoft and that fee is payable directly to ExamSoft. With your application acknowledgment letter, you will receive a booklet with bar exam information including detailed information on using your laptop. You should pay close attention to the registration deadlines for each exam. Registration will begin on May 1st for the July bar exams and December 1st for the February bar exams. The closing dates for each exam will be in the latter part of June and January.


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